Gene’s Jewelry & Pawn is the Charleston Pawn Shop that will pay the highest cash for broken gold, watches, diamonds, coins, and silver. We have been buying precious metals for over 20 years and we shop our competitors to ensure we always pay more.

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How do you know your retail items work?

All merchandise is tested before we pawn or buy an item. We do not want something that does not work anymore than you! Our warehouse staff also tests items again during processing to make products ready to go to the sale floor.  

Where did the word Pawn come from?

Pawn refers to a specific kind of loan known as a collateral loan. It goes back 3000 years in China and is arguably the 2nd oldest profession in the world. People have always used things they own as security in a loan. It was and is still a great way to do business.

pawn (1) – “something left as security,” late 15th century (mid-12th century as Anglo-Latin pandum), from Old French pan, pant “pledge, security,” also “booty, plunder,” perhaps from Frankish (compare to Old High German pfant, German Pfand, Middle Dutch pant, Old Frisian, pand “pledge”), from West Germanic *panda, of unknown origin. The Old French word is identical to pan “cloth, piece of cloth,” from Latin pannem (nominative pannus) “piece of cloth,” and some feel this is the source of both the Old French and West Germanic words (perhaps on the notion of cloth used as a medium of exchange). The verb is attested in the 1560s, from the noun. Pawnbroker is from the 1680s.

( Courtesy of Douglas Harper, Online Etymology Dictionary © 2010 http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?term=pawn ) Jewelry:

How do you know a diamond is real?

The first step in the jewelry industry is to look at the stone, normally with a loupe. It is a 10x magnification that allows the trained eye to look for characteristics unique to a diamond. This is also verified with an electronic tester that looks for different kinds of simulants. Our staff is trained through GIA standards and practices . They also have on going training in changes in the diamond market such as lab grown diamonds.

Do you do jewelry repair?

Yes! Gene's has been handling all sorts of repair work from setting stones to simple solder work.

I do not want to lose my property but I cannot pay off the loan at this time. What are my options?

Hey, we know life happens and sometimes things come up. You can just pay your service charge and we can extend the loan for another 30 day period. We also allow partial payments to assist until things get worked out.

What happens if I do not pay off my loan?

With a Pawn loan, you are pledging your merchandise as security. If you decide not to pay, the item is foreclosed on and put out for sale. There is no damage to your credit and no reports are made. You are still able to get another loan with us and it is not held against you. That’s what is nice about collateral loans!

How do you determine if something is stolen?

We employ a host of measure to guard against taking stolen property. We take pictures and government photo I.D. along with a complete description of any item that comes into our store. We then report all this information to the police weekly and “hold” the item up to 21 days to allow the police time to review the products.  Studies show that despite popular belief, less than 1% of pawn transactions involve stolen items. The pawn industry is one of the most regulated industries in South Carolina and provides the best chance of an individual getting there merchandise back if it made its way into a pawn store.

More common places to check for stolen merchandise are:

Flea markets
Jewelry stores
Guitar Centers
Offer up
Let go
Buy/Sell shops
Antique Dealers
Coin shops
Second Hand stores
Police property rooms
Used sporting goods stores

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At Gene's Jewelry & Pawn, our pawn services include: Jewelry repair, jewelry evaluation, notary services, pawn loans up to $15k, cash buyers of all types of merchandise, and we also buy cars, motorcycles and Homes.

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