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Not all jewelry is timeless, but if it is made of gold; it will always be valuable.

Instead of letting those old pieces sit idly, take them into Gene’s Pawn and let us make you an offer for cash today. If you are asking where to sell gold near me, the clear choice is Gene’s Pawn. The advantage that we have over our competitors is that we can offer you cash for your gold items and pay you same-day! Our practice is not to low ball you; we have an excellent and established reputation in the community for a reason. Our experts not only know how to appraise your items expertly, we offer you what it is worth without haggling!

Sell Gold Charleston, SC!

Sometimes selling gold can be tricky. Although it is a highly valuable commodity, it can come in very different grades and colors. So how do you know how much your gold is worth? The best way is to bring it to us! Items we commonly buy include:

Scrap gold

When gold is scrap it means that is used for recycling. Your broken items of gold jewelry have value! Since it likely has no sentiment to you broken and damaged, let us make you an offer and provide cash to you right there and then!

Broken pieces of gold

Although broken is likely to be scrap, sometimes it can be recycled. If you have broken pieces of jewelry that you want to pawn and buyback, we can offer you a short-term loan. Things like an old trophy, awards, or statues that may be in ill repair, are still valuable and can be used to sell or as collateral!

Unused or wanted gold

If you have any gold lying around that you no longer want and think it isn’t significant enough to be worth something, don’t be too sure! Our team of experts can appraise it and make sure you get what it is worth, while we take it off of your hands.

Gold bullion and coins

If collecting is not so much fun anymore and you are looking to get rid of your gold coins or bullion collection, bring it to us! Or, if collecting was a hobby of a relative that is no longer around, let us take a look. We can offer you cash or trade-in value for the entire collection. Once we have our experts appraise your collection, you can walk away with cold hard cash. It is really that easy!

Broken Jewelry

A broken necklace or bracelet might hinder you from wearing and showing it off, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t valuable! Gene’s Pawn sells all kinds of gold in many different conditions. Even if it is broken and you no longer want it, that doesn’t mean someone else won’t. Bring in your used jewelry items, no matter what condition, and we will make you a fair offer to walk away with cash-in-hand!

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If you are asking yourself where is the best place to sell gold near me, look no further than Gene’s Pawn. We offer the most honest and competitive prices in the Charleston area. Don’t let those items sit idle when you can trade them in for cold hard cash! Just because you no longer want an item, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a treasure to someone else.

Bring your gold items in today for a free estimate. And once we make an offer, the choice is all yours to sell, keep, or bring elsewhere. We are that confident in our cash offers!

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