Sell Jewelry or Buy Preowned Jewelry for Sale in Charleston, SC

Sell Jewelry or Buy Preowned Jewelry for Sale in Charleston, SC

At Gene’s Pawn, we both buy your preowned jewelry and sell some of the most exquisite second-hand jewelry in Charleston, SC. We have one of the largest selections of necklaces, rings, bracelets and more. Whether you are considering upgrading your preowned jewelry for something a little higher-end, or have just have jewelry that you no longer wear, we will be happy to purchase it. When you bring your jewelry in, we appraise it and then can provide you with a free estimate of the value on the spot.

Jewelry Repair

If you have family heirlooms or a sentimental piece of jewelry, we know it can be difficult to put it in the hands of someone else. But we guarantee that we will fix your jewelry with expertise and professionalism. Our trained professionals have built trust in the community because we care about the customers we serve. So you can feel confident that we care as much about your priceless pieces as you do! Let us repair your necklaces, watches, rings, and bracelets so that you can show them off again.

Hassle-Free Appraisals

When you bring your jewelry into Gene’s Pawn shop, there isn’t any pressure to sell to us. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with our estimate, you are free to sell the item, keep it, or take it to another pawnbroker. Our appraisals are based on fair market value, and if you allow us to do the appraisal, you have no commitment to sell.

Jewelry Cleaning

The reason jewelry is so beautiful is that it shines and sparkles. But there is nothing sparkly about a dull, tarnished piece of jewelry. Our expertly trained technicians can remove the dirt and debris off of your oldest treasures to make them look new! We have the most advanced jewelry cleaning equipment to take off years of punishment and restore your cherished pieces to mint condition. At Gene's Pawn, we also care for your jewelry delicately to ensure that they are returned to you safely.

Sell Jewelry for Cash Charleston, SC

Sell Jewelry for Cash!

Think those old treasures aren’t worth anything? Think again. We know what your old jewelry is worth and will provide you with a free estimate. Once we appraise your jewelry, you are welcome to sell it to us, choose to keep it, or even bring it to one of our competitors. We are so sure that our prices are fair and honest, that we ask for no commitment from you. The choice is all yours, and we won’t ever make you feel obligated to sell your used jewelry to us! And the best part is that we offer you cash for your jewelry on the spot if you chose to sell to us. It is such a completely simple process, what are you waiting for?

Buy Preowned Jewelry For Sale in Charleston, SC

The best way to buy jewelry is preowned! At Gene’s Pawn we have an extensive and unique array of jewelry items that you can’t get at a big box store! Don’t go from store to store looking for something that is classic and elegant, it is here at Gene’s!

Gene’s Pawn is the best way to both buy and sell preowned jewelry in the Charleston, SC area. We have a proven reputation in the neighborhood for a reason. We offer you fair and free jewelry appraisals, and then leave the decision in your hands! Or bring in your treasures and feel secure that we will make them shine and return them in mint condition!

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Preowned Jewelry For Sale in Charleston, SC

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    At Gene's Jewelry & Pawn, our pawn services include: Jewelry repair, jewelry evaluation, notary services, pawn loans up to $15k, cash buyers of all types of merchandise, and we also buy cars, motorcycles and Homes.

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