Diamond jewelry is like a car: once you buy it and take it home, it has already lost value. For most, when selling a diamond engagement ring or other jewelry with diamonds in it, the value drops significantly – to anywhere from 20 to 60% of the total amount that you initially paid. Although that’s a hard pill to swallow, the good news is that you can still sell a diamond that you no longer want for cash. But what’s the best option: selling it to a jeweler, an individual, or a pawn shop?

If you are considering selling your diamond to a jewelry retailer, you should be aware that often a pawn shop will give you more for your items than a traditional jeweler. But that isn’t the only reason you should head to the pawn shop to sell your jewelry. Here are some other advantages to selling at Gene’s Pawn.

Jewelry stores tend to only carry similar jewelry in their cases, so if you intend to trade your diamond in for another piece, you might do better at the pawn shop. Pawn shops have a much wider selection of unique finds when it comes to jewelry, so there is a lot more variety. Unlike going to a jewelry retailer, there is always something completely unique. The best part is the pieces are less expensive than if you wanted to trade your jewelry in at a retailer – because at a jewelry shop you will be selling for way less and trading for top-dollar pieces.

When you compare pound for pound, pawn shops generally offer more money for your diamond jewelry. Jewelry retailers are usually more focused on getting the most money they can for the items they sell. A pawn shop is more concerned with being able to move inventory quickly so they always have new merchandise. As a result, pawn shops are more eager to sell than traditional jewelers.

Diamonds don’t mine themselves, and they are a limited resource. By selling your diamond for someone else to buy, you are being eco-conscious. By reselling your jewelry and perhaps buying used jewelry, you are doing all that you can to limit the environmental impact that comes with mining diamonds.

Jewelry retailers aren’t in the business to buy and sell used jewelry. They will, but that isn’t really their bread and butter. Pawn shops are all about quick offers, which means you aren’t going back and forth or waiting. If you come into Gene’s Pawn with your diamond jewelry, you can leave with cash or merchandise in hand from a trade. We offer the most competitive rates for your items, and whether it’s jewelry, electronics, or tools, we have a little bit of everything. Stop in today and let us make you an offer you won’t want to refuse!