When you’re looking to save big on brand name items like tools, electronics or jewelry, your neighborhood pawn shop simply can’t be beat on price and selection. Bargain shopping at your local pawn shop can be a fun and exciting treasure hunt!

The number of makes, models and styles of merchandise in the pawn shop is virtually limitless. You’d have to drive around town and visit dozens of other retail shops to find the same amount of variety your local pawn shop offers. While there are tons of great reasons to shop at a pawn shop, it can be easy to miss out on the best buying opportunities if you don’t know what to look for. Make the most of your next trip to the pawn shop by putting a few simple tips into practice.

Find the right pawn shop in Charleston SC

Pawn shops often specialize in certain items, like antiques, firearms, or jewelry, so do a little research before you visit to make sure your shop carries the type of item you’d like to buy. You can also find out more about the shop’s staff, showroom, inventory, and expertise, all at the click of a button. Many pawn shops sell items online, so you may even be able to browse their selection without leaving your couch!

Check out your local shop’s website to learn more about their hours, merchandise selection, and purchase and return policies. You can even read reviews from other local customers and find the pawnbroker that meets your needs. However, you still get the best deals in person (read more of the tips below to see why), so keep that in mind.

Ask around

Personal referrals and references are great ways to identify a pawn shop like Gene’s Pawn that treats you like family. We all love when someone we know tells us they had a great experience at a particular shop, and pawn shops are no different. Ask around or check reviews online to find a shop you’ll feel comfortable visiting. You can always visit several, walk around, and get a good feel for the shop before you commit to buying anything.

Do your homework

If you’re shopping for something specific, take time to research the type of item you’re interested in and how much people are willing to pay for it in its current condition. Don’t get stuck on what an item may cost when it’s brand new. While some items may depreciate significantly over time, other items, especially hard-to-find goods or rare or unusual items like coins or vintage luxury purses, may hold or even increase their value over time.

Inspect or test the item

Pawnbrokers carefully review and test incoming items to make sure they work, but that doesn’t mean you can’t also take a look yourself. In most pawn shops, all sales are final, so make sure the item and any added accessories like remotes work properly before you walk out the door. If you’re buying something that comes with added accessories like remote controls or game controllers, it might not be a bad idea to bring some batteries with you, just in case. That way you can thoroughly test your item and get a sense for its current working condition, before you decide to buy.


Pawn shop prices are rarely set in stone, so don’t be afraid to haggle a bit with the pawnbroker. Just remember that pawnbrokers are professionals who have extensive experience in buying and selling, so be polite, don’t get carried away and have a reasonable number in mind before you start bargaining. The longer an item’s been in the shop, the more willing the pawnbroker may be to make you a sweet deal.

Read the fine print

Make sure you understand the pawn shop’s policies before you purchase something. Policies can vary widely from store to store, so pay attention or ask the staff what their particular policies are on things like product protection plans, returns or guarantees of authenticity.

Pay with cash

Paying for items in cash might help you score an even better deal. The pawnbroker may be more willing to take your offer or even give a bit of a discount if you follow it up by paying with cash.

Be polite

If you treat the staff with respect and kindness, chances are, you will get the same treatment in return. No one wants to deal with rudeness or bad attitudes. Here at Gene’s Pawn, our staff works hard to treat every customer like family, and we appreciate being treated kindly as well.

Other benefits to pawn store shopping

Your local pawn shop is just that – local to you and your neighborhood. Besides offering great quality products at fantastic prices, we are right here in your own community! Who wants to waste time driving to multiple stores to comparison shop or find the features you want? And who wants to pay extra for shipping, run the risk of meeting up with a stranger, or getting scammed on an item? Let our friendly staff show you around at one of our three Lowcountry locations, answer your questions and help you find the perfect product, at the best possible price.

Happy pawning at Gene’s

You’ll have a great time bargain shopping with us at one of our three Charleston pawn shops. Gene’s Pawn is committed to treating you like a member of our family. For more than 30 years, we have offered our customers the high level of service they deserve. We proudly serve customers throughout North Charleston, Moncks Corner and Goose Creek. Our business is built on honesty, trust and reliability. We offer only the best and highest quality merchandise, and we carefully test the products we buy to ensure you get the most value for your money.

Our mission is to provide the best merchandise at prices you can afford. Visit one of our greater Charleston SC pawn shops today and see all the amazing treasures we have for sale! Take a look at our extensive and unique array of pre-owned jewelry, electronics and firearms. We look forward to seeing you soon!