If you are looking for a place to get an instant loan using collateral, then a pawn shop is an excellent option. Local pawn shops in Charleston, SC, are always available for short-term loans without a credit check. They’re also a great option for buying used electronics, watches, and other high-end pieces that cost a fraction of the price versus new. If you are wondering how they work, this is a quick guide.

Pawn shops work either by buying your valuable used items, or you can choose to put those items up for collateral and receive cash the same day. When pawning, you do have to pay back the money you owe within a certain timeframe or forfeit your collateral. But if you meet the deadline for repayment, your item is yours again free and clear. If you decide not to pay back the money you borrowed or you don’t meet the timeframe, then your item goes up for sale to the public.

The amount of money that you borrow is determined by the value of the item that you pawn. This means you don’t need a really expensive item to pawn for cash. But if you need a substantial loan amount, then you do need to pawn something that holds a lot of value. Examinations and evaluations are often done on-site, and they are guided by laws related to transactions, duration of loan, fee, and any grace period that a pawn shop will offer.
Paying back the loan amount involves not just the value of the item you pawn, but also an additional interest rate that will be added to the total amount you have to repay. The interest rate is also determined by the local pawn shops in Charleston, SC, that you choose.

You do have the option to either sell your item or pawn it. Obviously, if you choose to sell, you walk away with a set amount and the item becomes the property of the pawn shop. If you pawn it, then you will have to pay back a loan amount plus interest. But you do have the right to get your item back if you pay within a specific timeframe.
Pawning is better for someone who wants their item but needs some quick cash, while selling is an excellent way to get rid of something that you either don’t want or don’t use anymore, and you can receive cash instantly.
If you need some short-term cash, a pawn shop is a great venue to either sell or pawn your valuables. When you deal with a pawn shop, you don’t necessarily have to have something highly valuable; most take everything from jewelry to electronics to firearms. Once you decide whether selling or pawning is right for you, come into Gene’s Pawn and let’s see what we can work out. And while you’re here, make sure to check out all the fantastic things we have for sale!