How and Where to Sell Unwanted Jewelry in Charleston SC

If your jewelry box is overflowing with pieces which you no longer wear, you can turn these trinkets into a wonderful vacation, room renovation, or payment on your car—or just cold hard cash!

To get the most out of your jewelry, you should know its exact value and the best place to sell your jewelry in Charleston, SC. You also need to consider how much time and effort you want to invest in selling your jewelry.

Although selling the unwanted jewelry in return of cash sounds great, you want to avoid dealing with people or shops who may low-ball you on its value. As with any transaction, it is vital to educate yourself and to know what you should expect from the process of selling your jewelry.

Before you decide to part ways from your valuable items, you should take a look at these key points to make your jewelry selling successful.

  • Do Your Research Before You Sell Your JewelryIf you have an extremely special piece of jewelry and want to get a fair deal on it, then you should spend sufficient time getting the correct information about the piece. You should know about the brand name, how old the jewelry is, and is it unique?To get the best figures, bring your jewelry in to a certified jeweler to estimate the value of your items and you can even compare with other jewelers to make sure the values are in line. Gene’s’ Jewelry & Pawn can help you get the correct value!
  • Sell in Person to a Reliable Pawn ShopWhen you first plan to sell your jewelry, you might be tempted to list it yourself on Facebook or Craigslist. While this can be a feasible option for some items, selling your valuable jewelry online can be risky. Unfortunately, the ambiguity and ease of the internet to create fake profiles can be a risk factor for your valuable products.When it comes to getting the best return for your unwanted jewelry, local pawn stores are the reliable option. Their aim is to resell the jewelry for a great price or use it as security, and most of them tend to offer the highest value for your jewelry pieces.
  • Go In Without Expectations You have an idea of what you have and what it is worth of, which is why it is important to keep in mind that you should not harbor unrealistic expectations. It is vital to know the difference between accepting and expecting. The way you feel about your jewelry or gold’s worth, might not be in line with the market’s current price. Keep a range in mind and be willing to consider a reasonable offer! Selling your unwanted jewelry in Charleston, SC isn’t something you do quite often, but when you do, you want to turn to the experts.Gene’s Jewelry & Pawn is the Charleston Pawn Shop that will pay the highest cash for broken gold, watches, diamonds, coins, and silver. We have been buying precious metals for over 29 years, and we shop our competitors to ensure we always pay more.

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