Why Buy Jewelry in Charleston, SC From a Pawn Shop

Why Buy Jewelry in Greater Charleston SC from Genes Jewelry & Pawn?

Investing in jewelry can be like investing in a new car. Once you purchase them, you lose a lot of value. For pre-owned jewelry, Charleston, SC offers many places to get the most value and the most beautiful pieces on the market. Instead of going to the internet or buy sell shops, consider buying your jewelry from a pawn shop instead. Pawn shops offer additional advantages that jewelry stores or individuals do not.

1. You can buy it at or close to wholesale

When someone brings in a piece of jewelry into a pawn shop, the item is thoroughly tested for authentication and a percentage of the value is given. The price is based on the wholesale price and the type of piece plus condition. The value is based on the wholesale price that the jewelry could be purchased new for from a wholesale supplier. This is the same place other jewelry stores buy from and then mark to retail prices to sell to the public. (Yes, many pawnbrokers buy new jewelry to resell and go to jewelry show.)

Because the broker is buying or giving a loan below the wholesale value, the merchandise is sold at or below wholesale! This gives the customer a great value without the inflated price that drops once you wear the jewelry. Plus you know you are buying real product as the item was authenticated before the broker put money into the item. You do not get that from an individual!

2. You Can Use Other Items as Trade

When you buy new retail, you are paying a premium to call the jewelry ‘NEW’. The truth is there is no such thing a new diamond or new gold. They all come from the ground and have been around a long time. Diamond are bought and sold in new mounts all the time!

What do you think places do with pre-owned diamonds, throw them away? No, they put them back in mounts and are sold as “new ” goods. That’s what makes buying from a reputable pawn shop so great. You pay much less for the same items others are paying premiums for and no one knows! You get the deal.

3. A Huge Selection

When you go to a retail jeweler, you are limited to what brands they carry. When you buy pre-owned jewelry in Charleston, SC from a pawn shop, there are going to be all kinds of styles and types of jewelry to choose from. Some will be new styles and others vintage. This keeps you from looking all over and is much more interesting to shop in.

If you are looking for beautiful jewelry, then look no further than Genes Jewelry & Pawn. One of the largest jewelry selections in the Charleston area, you can be assured that you are paying way below retail even if it is a new piece. Genes will even size it for you while you wait. Question is, with such great deals,  will you want to give the secret away!

Come by one of our Lowcountry pawn shop locations in Moncks Corner, Goose Creek or North Charleston and see all the unique items we have for sale.

The Advantage of Selling your Old Merchandise to a Pawn Shop

We all have a lot of products or items we hardly use. Most of us plan to sell these items or throw them out or even give them away! When it comes to selling old merchandise, we generally think about going online and putting an advertisement on a classified website or plan for a yard sale.

Selling your Old Merchandise to a Pawn Shop in Charleston, SC

We all have a lot of products or items we hardly use. Most of us plan to sell these items or throw them out or even give them away! When it comes to selling old merchandise, we generally think about going online and putting an advertisement on a classified website or plan for a yard sale.

You have another great option that can give you the best returns and you don’t have to wait for your product to be sold—you can take your used items to your local pawn shop in Charleston SC.

Many people have a mistaken impression of pawn shops in Charleston, SC—they feel that these stores have a bad reputation and are dealing with stolen goods. This is mainly because of the media and TV shows that have stereotyped these stores.

However, a pawn shop is an ideal choice for selling your used items.

Here are 3 advantages that will show why this can be your best choice:
  • Pawn Shops Offer an Immediate SaleWhen it comes to selling your old merchandise right away, there can be several reasons for doing so. You might be in a financially tight position and you might need some cash urgently, and selling online might take forever to find a buyer. Pawn shops can prove to be a lifesaver here because if you sell your stuff to a pawn shop, you will get CASH on the same day.If you are moving and want to get rid of your stuff before you leave, the pawn shop can be a great idea as well. It’s quick and easy to sell your merchandise or unwanted jewelry and gold to a pawn shop.
  • Talk to Someone Knowledgeable – The Local Experts at Gene’s Jewelry & Pawn ShopSometimes it can be hard to determine a value of a used item and selling online can lead to overpricing because you are not really sure. However, for such products, we need a well-versed person who can truly recognize their exact value.For instance, when it comes to jewelry, especially vintage, some of us don’t have a clue about the demand of such jewelry pieces these days. You might face trouble in finding a suitable buyer for your gold, diamonds, engagement rings or other heirlooms. The professionals at Gene’s Jewelry & Pawn shops are experts in items like jewelry, firearms, electronics, etc. This can ensure you that you are getting the actual price for your used items.
  • Have the Option to Get Items Back from the Pawn ShopAre you short on cash and your only option is selling the items that you really love? In this case, a pawn shop can be a viable option for you. At Gene’s Jewelry and Pawn shop locations in Charleston, SC, you can get money for your old merchandise without losing them forever.You can ask for a loan, in which you will keep your products at the pawn shop for security. You’ll be allotted a time period to pay off your loan with interest, and after you pay the loan, you can get your stuff back.These are a few reasons why you should consider a local, trusted pawn shop for selling your old merchandise, jewelry, gold, electronics, rings and more.

If you are looking for a pawn shop in the Greater Charleston, SC area to quickly sell your stuff, please can contact us today at (843) 744-5744.