Tips to Pawn & Sell Your Laptop and Get the Most Doing it!

With the holiday season in full swing, you might be looking for ways to make a little money for holiday gifts. If you have a used computer sitting around, why not sell it and make some cold hard cash? Before you Google “pawn stores near me,” and take it in, try these five tips that will make it worth more for a trade-in or sale.

Back up and Eliminate Personal Data

Before you take your laptop into the pawn store, make sure to eliminate any personal items or data that you have on it. Make sure that you back it up, and then you can do a factory reset depending on what model and manufacturer it is. You can find a video online to help walk you through the process. The pawn store will want your laptop ready to be sold when they buy it, and you certainly don’t want anyone to have access to any of your information.

Clean Your Tablet or Laptop

A laptop that hasn’t been cleaned sends up red signals to pawn store owners. It indicates that you haven’t taken very good care of the appliance or laptop, and they will worry that there are issues with the device. Use a cloth or rag to wipe away fingerprints, debris and dirt. Pay special attention to the screen to make sure that you don’t leave streaks. Don’t use water or any spray materials, they can damage the screen or the speakers.

Know all the Details of What you Have

Make sure to know all the details of what you are selling so that you have an idea of what it is worth before you go to the pawn store. If you research ballpark figures, you will have more success when negotiating a price than if you have no idea what the going rate is. Look for things like:

  • Processor speed
  • Hard drive size
  • Brand and manufacturer
  • Model or series number
  • Amount of RAM memory

Understand what Tablets and Laptops are Worth High Dollar

Well-established and high-end brand names like Apple, Toshiba, Sony, and Dell for computers, will be easier to sell and get a good price. When it comes to tablets, Apple, Amazon, and Google systems command the best dollar. If you have a computer specific for gamers, MSI, Origin and Alienware and the ones that will likely get the most.

Check to Make Sure the Pawn Store Buys Tablets and Computers

Before you waste your time preparing your laptop or tablet to sell, Google “pawn stores near me,” and call ahead. Not all pawn stores buy them. Also, when you contact them, ask what type of shape they will take so that you don’t waste your time or theirs.

As the holidays approach, cash might be slim. If you have an older computer that you are ready to let go of, or you even want to upgrade this Christmas to treat yourself, then consider taking it to Gene’s Pawn and walking away with some cold-hard cash in hand. Contact us today to see what electronics we are currently buying.