When money is tight or unexpected expenses pop up, many people look for easy ways to secure cash quickly. With their centuries-old model of providing collateral-based loans, Pawn shops have become a popular option. This article will explore the world of pawnable items and explain how various things around your home can help you meet immediate financial needs.

How to get $500 from a pawn shop

Pawn shops typically offer only a portion of an item’s total resale value. You will need to consider pawning several big-ticket items or one high-value item to reach that threshold. For example, you’ll need to pawn one item or a combination of items worth between roughly $850 and $2,000 to get $500 from a pawnbroker. Consider items like vintage or antique furniture, rare coins, and high-end drones. Sports memorabilia and vintage comic books that are especially rare and in mint condition. Limited-edition guitars or sleek designer items like handbags, shoes, and watches.

What is the best thing to pawn for $50?

Items typically earning you $50 from a pawn shop include used laptops, name-brand headphones, or small but high-dollar designer items like belts or sunglasses. Remember, pawn shops typically offer 25 to 60 percent of an item’s resale value, so take that into account when gathering items to pawn. Other items like game consoles (with accessories), TVs that are larger than 32 inches, and brand-name smartwatches can also easily fetch $50 or more at your local pawn shop.

Why sell to a pawn shop?

Pawn shops generally offer more money if you sell your item instead of pawning it. Selling outright can also be faster and easier—for you and for the pawnbroker—than setting up a collateral-based loan. Selling to a pawn shop is also easier than listing items on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace because you don’t have to worry about dealing with buyers and delivering or shipping the items being sold.


What can I pawn for $200?

  • Electronics: One of the quickest ways to secure $200 at a pawn shop is by pawning electronics. Gadgets like smartphones, laptops, tablets, and gaming consoles hold substantial market value. However, the newer and better-maintained the item, the higher the appraisal on your item. And, if possible, don’t forget to bring all the necessary accessories. This includes original packaging, and proof of ownership to get a higher appraisal.
  • Jewelry: Jewelry is a classic choice for those seeking quick cash at a pawn shop. Gold, silver and diamond jewelry are highly popular at pawn shops, and high-quality items often sell quickly. Keep in mind that the pawn broker’s appraisal considers factors like purity, weight and current market prices. Do you have nice pieces of jewelry sitting around that you never wear? Pawning them can be a great way to convert them to cash without parting with them permanently.
  • Tools: If you have a collection of tools gathering dust in the garage or workshop, pawning them can be a fantastic option to earn $200 or more. Quality tools, especially those from reputable, well-known brands, maintain their value well, even after multiple uses. Whether it’s power tools, hand tools or specialty equipment, pawn shops often appreciate their utility and durability. They are popular items that generally sell quickly. Make sure your tools are clean and in good condition, and you may find yourself walking out with $200 or more.
  • Musical instruments: From guitars to keyboards and everything in between, musical instruments can be valuable assets that go well beyond their artistic worth. Pawn shops frequently accept musical instruments and equipment, and clean, well-maintained instruments from respected brands can fetch decent money. Again, make sure your instrument still plays well. Don’t forget to include any accessories, such as cases or amplifiers, to enhance its appraisal value even more.
  • Collectibles and memorabilia: Do you have a collection of unique or valuable memorabilia, including sports jerseys and autographed items? Consider pawning them for a quick cash infusion, even rare coins or a series of hard-to-find comic books. Items such as signed sports memorabilia or equipment, collectibles from important championship games or record-breaking performances, or even antique toys can find a new life at a pawn shop. Be prepared to show documentation proving the authenticity and rarity of your collectibles to ensure a fair appraisal.
  • Designer accessories: Luxury handbags, watches and accessories from renowned designers can be pawned for a significant sum. Pawn shops often appreciate the enduring value of well-crafted, high-end items. Presenting your luxury possessions with their original packaging and proof of authenticity can also significantly enhance their appraisal. This option allows you to secure a loan against your designer items without permanently parting with them.


Is it better to pawn or sell?

When cash is tight, pawning items at your local pawn shop can be a simple and pragmatic way to earn $200 or more quickly. Remember, offering clean items is the key to a successful pawn transaction. Make sure they are in good working condition, provide documentation when necessary, and bring along any accessories. It is essential to include the necessary items for the item’s proper use. As always, it’s essential to read and understand the terms of the pawn agreement to ensure a smooth and fair transaction.

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