We all have items around our home that we no longer need or use as we once did. From televisions and other electronics to jewelry we no longer wear and sports equipment or gaming systems our kids have outgrown, chances are you have more than one item sitting around that could be put to better use.

So, when the urge to sell these items hits, where do you turn? Most people automatically think of online selling sites like Craigslist. But did you know your local pawn shop offers many more advantages for buying and selling goods? Let’s take a look at the many reasons pawn shops are a better option than Craigslist.

Instant Gratification and Instant Cash

This is probably the most obvious reason. On Craigslist, you have to spend time to write and post the ad. Then the waiting game begins, and you have no idea whether you’re going to find the right buyer in an hour, a week, or even a month. You have to wade through emails from potential buyers to answer questions, settle on a price and arrange to meet somewhere to make the exchange.

At your local pawn shop, you simply walk in and show the pawnbroker your item. He or she will evaluate it and make you an offer on the spot. You can walk out the door with cash in hand in minutes. It’s a win-win situation. The pawn shop now has a great quality item to add to its ever-changing inventory, and you have a little extra cash in your pocket. No waiting around, no paperwork, and no fuss. Pawn shops definitely offer an advantage here, with transactions that are simple and straightforward.

Security in Buying and Selling at a Pawn Shop

Buying or selling items through an online site can be risky. Over the past decade, Craigslist and other online selling sites have developed a reputation for fraudulent listings, scammers, and potentially dangerous situations. You have no real way of knowing who you’re dealing with, whether the listing is the real deal, or what to expect when you meet in person. Since anyone can list items for sale online with little to no oversight, you could be vulnerable to unknowingly buying stolen goods or being scammed out of your money.

On the flip side, your local pawn shop is a clean, safe, reliable business that is built on trust and cares deeply about treating its customers fairly. Your local pawn shop owner and staff are neighbors who have worked hard to earn a good reputation within their communities. Their shop is bright, clean and secure, and their business is built upon ensuring the safety and security of their merchandise and their customers. Pawn shops are required to be licensed by state law, and they work closely with local law enforcement to prevent the sale of stolen goods.

Pawn shops also help people in their communities by offering quick and secure cash loans that do not affect a person’s credit score. They are a safe alternative to other “fast cash” options, such as cash advances on credit cards or payday advance loans.

Flexibility and Convenience

On sites like Craigslist, you only have two options – buying or selling. Once you complete your transaction, that’s it. Your item is gone forever. You likely also have to deal with other hassles, like getting paid, setting up a time and place to meet, and wasting time waiting on strangers to show up.

You don’t have to deal with any of these headaches when you buy, sell or pawn with your local pawn shop in Charleston SC. You can walk right into a shop like Gene’s Jewelry & Pawn at your convenience, knowing you are dealing with professionals who have worked carefully to verify the legitimacy of the products on their shelves.

Most large pawn shops even offer online quotes and appraisals and are happy to set up private appointments that fit your particular schedule. You can browse as much as you want, with no obligation or questions asked, and you can personally examine and test an item before purchasing. You can also negotiate with your pawnbroker on a mutually agreeable fair price. If you don’t like the offer, you can simply walk away.

Pawning items at your neighborhood pawn shop offers great flexibility and convenience. By pawning items rather than selling them outright, you are guaranteed to get the cash you need on the spot, and still have a chance to get your stuff back when you pay off the loan, all without hassle, background checks, a ton of paperwork, and zero impact to your credit.

Long-Term Relationships with Pawn Shops

Because they are always searching for quality inventory, pawn shops typically deal in a wide variety of merchandise, including jewelry, precious metals, firearms, musical instruments, electronics, coins, and much more. That means if you find a local shop like Gene’s Jewelry & Pawn that you enjoy buying and selling with, you’re more likely to develop a friendly, long-term business relationship with the shop owners and staff. Because you can pawn personal items an unlimited number of times, you become a valuable customer who will return again and again.

And if you have items you’d like to sell, but don’t know how much they may be worth, speaking with your local pawn broker can be a wonderful resource. Pawn shops often offer free consultations and hassle-free appraisals on a wide variety of items, so you can rest assured you’re getting the most value for your items. And because pawn shops often specialize in certain things, like we specialize in jewelry cleaning and repair, you actually get more value from visiting your local pawn shop than you ever could from an online selling site.

The Clear Advantage of Pawning Your Items

When it comes to buying and selling on Craigslist, the process can be time-consuming, frustrating, and overwhelming. Whether you need quick cash or are looking for a great bargain on a wide variety of quality merchandise, there is simply no substitute for your neighborhood pawn shop.

Gene’s Pawn is committed to treating you like family. Our business is built on trust, reliability, and honesty. We offer you the best price available, and we offer only the highest quality merchandise. Visit one of our three greater Charleston area locations today and take a look at our extensive selection of pre-owned jewelry, electronics, firearms, and much, much more. We look forward to seeing you soon!