With Christmas fast approaching, you’re probably thinking about shopping for presents for the loved ones in your life. You might picture shopping on Amazon, at your local Target or Wal-mart, or maybe at a nearby thrift shop. What you probably don’t picture, especially if you’re a woman, is making a trip to your local pawn shop. But what if that’s the one place you should make sure to visit this holiday season? While women and pawn shops might not seem to mix, get ready to be pleasantly surprised by Gene’s Jewelry and Pawn.

What is a pawn shop like inside?

Walking into any of the three Gene’s Jewelry and Pawn locations, you’ll immediately notice how clean and well-lit they are. Resembling a cross between a jewelry store and a thrift shop, Gene’s merchandise is well-organized and high quality. Most of our inventory is either new or gently used, and for sale at lower prices than a typical store. We only accept high-quality items; anything that is damaged will not be resold at any of our stores.

All jewelry we have is available to view in glass cases, just like what you’d find in a standard jewelry store. If you’re more interested in luxury handbags, we have those, too, neatly organized along the wall and available in a variety of brands and colors.

Maybe you or someone on your list is a baking or cooking fanatic—Gene’s also has in-demand kitchen and household items. With a variety of Instant Pots, air fryers, and baking and cooking essentials, you can stock up on all the items you need for your holiday cooking and gift-giving.

All merchandise is clearly labeled and easy to locate, so you can be in and out quickly or take your time browsing. With so much to buy for the whole family, you might just spend the whole afternoon looking around!

What items do pawn shops have?

If you’re shopping for friends or family, Gene’s offers a wide variety of kid-friendly (and husband-friendly!) items. For the handyman on your list, Gene’s has a wide variety of power tools, many of them name-brand and in mint condition. For the budding musician, they have guitars and other musical instruments that cost significantly less than at a music shop.

Bikes are also something that can be expensive, especially as stores raise their prices around Christmas time. Instead of trying to find a decent used bike on Facebook Marketplace from a reputable seller, head to Gene’s Pawn and find a new or barely-used bicycle for your favorite kiddo.

Have a friend who has been eyeing a new stereo for their car? Look no further than Gene’s, which carries a wide variety of car stereo equipment to bump those beats all season long. If you need it, Gene’s probably has it, all available for lower prices than your local stores and in a safe and pleasant shopping environment.

Gene’s offers jewelry repair and cleaning

If you already have all the jewelry you need, bring it to Gene’s and have it cleaned or repaired. Our employees are trained jewelry technicians, with the same skills you find at a regular jewelry store. They are qualified to repair or clean your precious gems, gold, and silver. They can help with everything from setting a stone to simple solder work, leaving you feeling confident your items will be well taken care of. You might even find some extra items that interest you while you wait for the technician to be done with your jewelry.

Sell your items to Gene’s for extra holiday cash

Another thing to think about with the holiday season approaching is having extra money on hand for all the presents and upcoming activities. If you have jewelry, purses, appliances, or other items you don’t use anymore, consider selling them to Gene’s. We offer competitive prices and can give you money for your items the same day. Just bring them in and we can give you an estimate while you wait. If you’d rather get an idea of the value of your items before visiting one of our stores, visit our website for a free estimate calculator.

Women and pawn shops—are you sure they should mix?

Maybe you’re still unsure about shopping at a pawn shop, picturing it filled with shady characters looking for a quick buck and stolen items. Rest assured that many of the team members at Gene’s are women themselves, and we are a local, family-owned company which has been in business in the Charleston area for over 30 years.

Our staff are trained to make browsing and buying a pleasant, low-stress experience. You will never be pressured to buy anything, and if you bring something in to sell and aren’t happy with the price offered, there is no pressure to sell it. We are, however, willing to work with you to find a price you are happy with. All decisions are left in your hands, and we are happy to help with any questions or concerns.

As you start planning Christmas purchases and beyond, consider shopping at Gene’s Jewelry and Pawn. We are hoping this is the year that you decide to give pawn shops a try—we promise you won’t be disappointed with the experience! If you have questions prior to visiting Gene’s, please give us a call. We look forward to serving you soon!